Thursday, September 25, 2008

By the 10's: Korak, Son of Tarzan!

Time for another By the 10's, and this time we're looking at Korak, Son of Tarzan, which spun off of Gold Key's Tarzan book (naturally), went to DC when Tarzan did, and then changed title before it was finally cancelled!

Issue 10

Issue 20

Issue 30


Issue 50, and by this time, DC's got Korak (as well as Tarzan). Why did DC take over this title, instead of just letting it fade away? Word has it that Korak actually outsold Gold Key's Tarzan book!

Korak 60... or should I say, Tarzan Family 60? DC didn't exactly have the success they'd hoped for with Tarzan, or any of the other ERB properties... which is why eventually it went to Marvel (who restarted Tarzan with #1).



  1. apart from DC's normal greatness of art that makes the character look nothing like the character when he was done by Gold Key, i only have one comment to make..
    Well.. really a couple of points on the same issues..
    "Black-Maned Fury comes to the Aid of Korak and the Warrior Queen'

    first, why is the 'warrior queen', dressed and seams to be acting like a priestess? I think the Son of Tarzan and a Warrior Queen should be fairly okay gainst a small group of people armed with spears.. for one thing, the spears are very limited (how many people can there be? one spear each, if they keep throwing them they will be out in no time!) and that looks like a mountian range.. easily cover. So why do they need a Lion to help them out? Come to think of it.. Wasn't Korak Blonde at first? Hair dye in the Jungles...mmm..

  2. All good questions... I suspect you'd have to ask Kubert or others who worked on the books for the answers, my friend!


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