Friday, September 12, 2008

Coming Distractions!

Just to give you an idea of what's coming up in this here blog o'geekery...

Of course, you probably already know about the...


...which will start here on Oct. 1st, and run through the entire month! Any of you who are thinking of doing a Halloween-related posting every day in October in your own blogs, let me know so I can add your blog to the blogroll on the left! And if you know of any other blogs doing a Halloween countdown, let me know about that, too!

Upcoming Children's Book Theatre Presentations

In October, I'll be presenting the Crestwood Books version of "The Creature From the Black Lagoon!" And that will be followed in November (I think) with a Masters of the Universe book, and that should be followed up with a Superman Big Little Book!

Speaking of November...

My birthday's coming up then, and I'll be spending at least part of it (November 9th) at the Portland Comic Book Show, so look forward to a report on that visit!

Christmas Is Coming!

Yeah, I know, it's September and I'm mentioning Christmas already? Well, that's because I'm already working on December posts (what can I say? I love being ahead on deadlines... and this also allows me to take breaks from posting if my real life intrudes on the geekery). This year, as I did last year, there'll be a Christmas Countdown of Comics Covers, with all the comics covers from last year, plus new ones just added to the stash! I may also be mentioning during the Cool Stuff postings for December what stuff I may have wanted for Christmas in the past, or actually got... or would still like to get!

New Blogs of Geekery Are A'Comin'!

One of the reasons I've been working ahead on this blog is so I can also work ahead on some spin-off blogs! You already know about the Give-A-Show Blog, but the new blogs will be a little different... each blog will have a specific theme, and will feature a photo of one item per day... some with comments, some without! I think the first one to start up will be the Godzilla blog (which will include other giant monsters, too, and that will start up November 1st), and that will be followed up by the Dracula blog (starting December 1st), which in turn will be followed up by the Frankenstein blog (which should start January 1st)! I've got other daily blogs in mind, too... but I'll keep those a secret for now! I can tell you I've already written posts for those first two new blogs to run through the end of May, 2008 as of last night, so you know they'll be running for a while (my goal is to get both of those ready through at least June or July before starting on the Frankenstein one). As those start getting closer to their start dates, I'll remind you of them, and provide links!



  1. Who knows what evils lurk in Christmas Covers...
    Jonny knows...

    oh come on.. am a Shadow fan that hasn't seen much Shadow stuff around here.. i might as well add a little line or so ^_^

  2. Well, I don't believe I can promise any Shadow stuff here any time soon, but you never know...

    ...Doc Savage stuff, on the other hand, will be coming some day!

  3. Hi,
    Hope you add me to the Halloween countdown. I'm going to have two going this year. My regular blog will be a month of Halloween decorating and inspiration. Para Abnormal, my webcomic will have 31 days of Halloween themed cartoons starting on the 1st.

  4. Gotcha covered for both, Dave! Welcome to the countdown! I hope you and the other participating blogs will also provide links to everyone else!

  5. Jon,
    Great Blog!
    I'm also doing a Halloween countdown throughout October at The Nostalgiia Factory.

    Hope you can add me to your list of participating Blogs.
    Looking forward to your countdown too!
    Nostalgic Rog.

  6. You've been added, Rog!

  7. I'll try to do it again this year. I hope I can do a post a day. Better get started now.

  8. Welcome to the list, Erick! Glad to see you returning to the Countdown! I should really go to the other blogs who were in it last year and ask if they'll be doing it again themselves (because, y'know, not everyone reads this blog)!


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