Friday, September 05, 2008

Cool Stuff: Hanna-Barbera collectibles, featuring Wacky Races and Yogi Bear!


Here's the first of a few Wacky Races items... this Dick Dastardly and Muttley car was produced by Corgi, and I don't recall if that's what Dick's car actually looked like in the cartoon...


Ah, I was right... THIS is what the Mean Machine looked like, as produced by Johnny Lightning! Very cool!


I had no idea that this Muttley clock existed... I've got a co-worker who's a huge Muttley fan, I probably should've pointed this item out to her when it was offered...


Or even this Muttley eraser!


This is one of those British hardback comics "annuals" that I wish had been distributed in the States, too..


I'm amazed that 1) I wasn't aware of this game when I was a kid, and 2) I didn't beg, whine, or otherwise try to cajole my parents into buying it for me.


A few more Hanna-Barbera storybooks here, apparently marketed as "Wonder Books."


Exactly what makes this camera a Yogi Bear camera? I know, I know, I probably asked that about the Huckleberry Hound camera, too...


A Yogi Bear canteen almost makes sense... a Yogi Bear picnic basket set would've made even more sense, though...


Yogi Bear Nose-Lite. Yep, Yogi's nose glows. Yes, really. Like Rudolph's.


Yogi Bear's Friends record, no doubt one of those that used imitators of the original voices for the recording...


Yogi Silly Soap! It's like Silly Putty, but it's really soap! I think this is only the second vintage Silly Soap I've ever posted!


Yogi Bear Tell-A-Tale book!


Another Yogi Bear Tell-A-Tale Book... and it's got the same title as the first one, too! Were they different editions of the same book, with different covers?

Next time, we'll at least start with the Lone Ranger!



  1. Well.. Let's see now..
    The first Dick Dastardly.. Vechical is NOT Wacky Races. If you notice, they are in there updated outfit Design for Flying Machines (look, i can't be bothered to write the full name of the show right now). From the looks of the car, i wouldn't be too suprised if it was a bad model mased on the Double Zero Monster Truck from the 90s 'Fender Bender 900' (Basicly a updated version of Wacky Races with the Character set up like Yogi's Space Race). It's not close enought but looks more like it then the oringal Double Zero.

    While some offical stuff is a bit ify anyway, i got a felling that Muttley Clock is really boot-leg.. why? apart from the odd bit sticking out of the top of his head, It's the Black Eye.. it just shouts out 'Look, it's Not muttley because of this patch so don't sue us'... if you know what i mean ^_^ might be wrong though...

    I think i have heard of the Wacky races game but that's it.. looks cool.. wish i had it..

    oh and Yogi and Boo-boo are blue for some reason? looking at the art and colours, it seams an odd mistake unless it is somehow story related..

  2. Corgi was notorious for just making up a vehicle to slap a licensed character into.

    To wit:

    BTW - keep an eye on ToyRiffic next week for my "Car Toons" theme week. The JL Dastardly vehicle you have shown is on deck, as well as the rest of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon themed JL vehicles (and much more!)

  3. Well, that's what I get for guessing the origin of some stuff. I don't think I ever saw that Fender Bender program, nor ever heard of it!

    That Muttley clock may supposed to be one of the Muttley-type characters, like Mumbley, for all I know... or it could be one of those bootlegs, like you suggested!

    I have no idea why Yogi and Boo-Boo are so badly miscolored on that one book... it's either story-related, or someone goofed... or maybe the book just set in the sun and the sun bleached their brown to blue?


  4. Bubbashelby - Oh, yeah, I remember seeing that awful Tom & Jerry car on ToyRiffic!

    I definitely keep an eye on ToyRiffic!


  5. i have never seen fender bender.. it was part of a US show which was one of these that had some host and two cartoon sections.. would love to see it though..

  6. The Corgi car would be not the same as in the Wacky Races show but is highly collectible and hard to find with both characters, normally Muttley is missing, unless in the past years is what I have found on eBay and related sites.
    The Muttley eraser is part of five figures, there's also Dick Dastardly, Yanky Pigeon, Zilly and Klunk all of them part of the Flying Machines show.
    The Wacky Races Board Game its great too, by Milton Bradley the small cars are nice...

  7. Otoniel - Thanks for your comments!


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