Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cool Stuff: Looney Tunes Collectibles Featuring Bugs Bunny!

Remember when the Looney Tunes characters were being marketed all the time, long before the late, lamented Warner Bros. Studio Stores were even a glimmer in someone's eye?


I can well imagine the delight of any child who received this Looney Tunes Big Parade Coloring Book!


Bugs Bunny coloring book #1032 here... my best guess is that the art for all of these kind of items were done by the staff of Dell or Gold Key, depending on who had the comics license at the time.


Bugs and Elmer were getting along pretty good on the cover of this Bugs Bunny coloring book, #1851!


Is it just me, or is anyone else amused by the fact that all the color by number books feature the title character or characters on the cover doing color by number stuff, like the Sticker Fun books with characters doing sticker fun?


One wonders if Elmer ever appeared on the cover of any Bugs Bunny coloring book wearing his hunter's outfit!


I always got a kick out of these Big Little Books with the flip-it "cartoons" printed in them! How about you?


Ah, I forgot the paint with water books always showed the title character demonstrating that, too!


I'm shocked -- shocked, I tell you! -- that this Daffy Duck Sticker Fun book doesn't show Daffy using stickers! Not so shocked at what Elmer is wearing, though.


Yes, even the Road Runner coloring books, like this one, seemed to be "infected" with those annoying sons/nephews or whatever they were... They were all probably speaking in rhyme, as well. I guess it would be rather tedius for their dialogue to just be "beep beep!"


Good god almighty, what's happened to Yosemite Sam? The guy looks like he's on prescription drugs to handle his bad temper!

Next time around, a bit of potpourri!



  1. I had a lot of those coloring books! I also had the Pink Panther version of that flip book. He was on a skateboard, and hit a rock or something, then flipped and spun out.

    Later on I would make my own "flip books" in my school text books.

  2. Glad I could bring back some memories, Bubbashelby! My recent BLB purchases include a number with the flipit features, and I'm considering trying to scan those and put together little bits of animation with 'em... depends on whether or not 1) I decide to scan those books for Children's Book Theatre and 2) I scan 'em at a high enough resolution I only have to copy out the flip-it portion to work with!

    And I did the same thing with some of my schoolbooks, too!


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