Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cool Stuff: Marvel Merchandise!

Let's start out by looking at some activity and coloring books featuring Marvel Super-Heroes this time...


I have no idea for sure when this activity book came out... well, the "Marvel Books" imprint would indicate early 80s.


The presence of HERBIE on this coloring book should tell you when this came out, eh?


The Hulk at the Circus coloring book... man, I tell you, either this is the lamest Hulk coloring book ever conceived, or it's got to be the most brilliant. Without having the book to look at, I have no idea. Is there a reason the Hulk's at the circus that fits with the green-skinned purple-pants version of the Hulk who called all deer "Bambi"?


The Secret Wars Coloring and Activity books are probably the only place that the Mattel vehicles from the action figure line were ever used in stories!


Getting away from the coloring books, here's a late 1960s Fantastic Four puzzle that looks pretty cool... I'm guessing it was drawn by Joe Sinnott!


This Marvel Super-Heroes Puzzle came out in the very early 1980s, and I used to have it!


Here's Remco's Hulk Utility Belt... it's the second time I've shown this photo, and I still have no idea why someone thought this was a good idea from a marketing viewpoint.

Here's some Power Records to look at:



Some of these (well, the ones that are original stories) can be pretty lame, but they're all fairly fun to listen too. It's too bad there's no legally available CD of the Power Records stuff...


That is one cool Marvel Super-Heroes sleeping bag. Not quite as cool as the DC Superheroes one I have, but pretty cool!


I wonder how many other characters have had their likenesses in sticker form adhered to this exact same sparkle gun? The card art is the best part of this toy, if you ask me.


This Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four board game shows up fairly often online... I've been trying to decide if I ever owned a copy of this game, or if it was a Fantastic Four game that had HERBIE in it.

Next time around... the Secret Wars coloring book was just an appetizer... next time, we look at some of the Secret Wars toys!



  1. I still have the jigsaw puzzle minus one piece, it is one great puzzle, filled with characters!

  2. When I still had it, I used to see how fast I could put it together without referring to the box... I'm not sure what happened to it, to be honest! Although it's entirely possible the pieces for that and other puzzles I used to have just got mixed together thanks to breaking boxes to the point where I just tossed the whole thing away...

  3. Ummm... When was the Hulk in the circus?

  4. Well, he was in the circus, disguised as Mechano, the Mechanical Man in Avengers #1... and then there was the issue of his own book when he was captured by the Ringmaster and the Circus of Crime...

  5. of course! Hulk did use a Utility Belt! How else did he keep his Trousers up?
    He used the Gamma Radiation Detector so he could track if any of his 100s of Gamma Powered Enemys were around (hasn't anyone figured out yet that Hulk SHOULD in fact be Radiactive?) His Wrist Gauntlets are used too... erm... show where his Wrists are cause most art i have seen seams to have his hands going right into his arms (that box art looks like a good example of this) and the Voice Modulator is so that he can be phone calls to women with alot of heavy breathing and no-one ever thinks it is the Hulk!

    And the reason for his Name all over the place is because Hulk is often in his 'Stupid' form where he can't remember his name, so this way he can ^_^

    see.. a little work and it's easy.

  6. I need that Hulk at the Circus colouring book....

  7. Manic Man - It wouldn't surprise me if those were very similar to the reasons the Remco guy came up with when pitching the thing!

    Plaidstallions - We all need a Hulk at the Circus coloring book... not all of us realize it, however...

  8. speaking on the power records side.. i got one you haven't shown yet.. Green Goblin Cover.. Am pretty sure i should be able to ripp it into MP3 If you are intrested ^_^ Quite a funny thing ripping LPs into Mp3s.. i do it with a cheap Phone-phone cable (from an old par of speakers) i know someone that paid a fair bit for a fancy kit.. what's the point?

  9. You're right, I haven't posted a Spidey record with a Goblin cover... don't think I've ever seen that! I'd absolutely be interested in it!

    I've never done any ripping myself... when I've had a record I needed ripped (like the ones from those Adventure Time Give-A-Show Projector slides), I've sent them off to Dave of the "Mostly Ghostly Music Sharing Blaaaaahhgg" and "Children's Records and More" blog.


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