Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

I promised some Sekowsky JLA this time, didn't I?


We start off with page 3 from JLA 8!


Page 5 from the same issue!


No Sekowsky on the cover of JLA 94... this one, obviously, is by Neal Adams!


Adams again, with the cover of JLA 96!


Haven't had any Charlton stuff for a while, and I don't remember if I've ever posted any pages of Charlton super-hero stuff, so here's page 12 of some issue of Judomaster, art by Frank McLaughlin!


Page 13 from the same story...


...and here's page 16! Man, if I was a participant in Bahlactus' Friday Night Fights, this group of pages would've been a nice entry, eh?


Page 17!


Page 18! Wow, this is a JLA & Judomaster celebration, isn't it?


OK, here's a different "J" title... the cover to Charlton's Jungle Jim 25 was by Pat Boyette, one of Charlton's finest comics artists!

I'm making this installment a bit short, because next time around, I start with Kamandi by Kirby!



  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Great artwork all around. I loved Judomaster back in the 80s. It's a shame he never really got the transfer the other Charlton characters did when DC bought them. He just sort of drifted into the background after his initial introduction in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

  2. Yeah, pretty much the only Charlton heroes who really got much ink after DC bought 'em were Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, the Question... and I suppose Nightshade, too (she appeared in a bunch of Suicide Squad issues). Of course, most -- if not all -- of them appeared in that one miniseries... L.A.W. or something like that... Living Assault Weapons? I didn't care for that approach myself.

  3. Jon,
    Re: "page 12 of some issue of Judomaster"

    That's from issue #97 (Oct 1967), "This One’s For Pop”.
    Hope this helps!


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