Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

Time to look at some more original comic art recently offered for sale! Don't forget that most of these are available to view in a larger size -- just click!


And we definitely start off on the right foot with page 13 from New Gods 10, and if I have to tell you who did this page, you're probably reading the wrong blog (or just here for the monsters or Give-A-Show stuff)!


Next up is page 16 from Nova 17, art by Carmine Infantino! This was part of a multi-parter in which Nova teamed with Nick Fury and SHIELD to battle the Yellow Claw!


Here's page 14 of the following issue!


Switching gears a bit, here's page 5 from Our Love Story 4, art by Gene Colan and John Buscema!


Herb Trimpe's probably best known amongst my readers for his work on The Incredible Hulk, but as the cover for Outlaw Kid #8, he could draw westerns pretty darn good, too!


Here's page 11 from Phantom 22... not sure if it's a Charlton issue or not! Art by Bill Lignante...


Back to Kirby again, this is a page of his from Police Trap 4!


Something else very different here... it's Bud Sagendorf on the daily Popeye strip from September 22, 1970!


Speaking of Sagendorf and Popeye, here's page 33 from Dell's Popeye 14!


The next page to look at is page 32 from Luke Cage, Power Man 17, by George Tuska!


Ah, here's a Trimpe Hulk page... but it's page 23 from the black-and-white Rampaging Hulk #8! Still a nice page!


Next is page 9 from Rawhide Kid 46, art by Stan Lee's younger brother, Larry Lieber! Here's more pages from that issue...


Page 10...


Page 12...


Page 13...


Page 14...

And we'll have more of the pages from this issue next time!



  1. tis tis.. you really need to do some more research... or just think "what's the point" since i seam to do some of the extra work ^_^

    That Phantom page is from King Comics. The bottom of the page tells you the story and the issue number so it's a quick check to find out which issue of that number had that story and doubt check with the artists name. and what did i find?

    Bad cover art... well.. the colourist seams to have ruined an other wise good but standard cover. and the information that:
    King Comics 'The Phantom' number 22- "The Secret of Magic Mountian". From 1967, story by Bill Lignate. I guess he did both Story and art.. alot of the King Comics ones did ^_^

    of course, this isn't 100% No doubt proof but for this reason, i think it's good enought huh?

  2. Definitely good enough, Manic Man... and if I did all the research to determine exactly where mystery artwork came from, that would be denying you the complete Random Acts of Geekery Interactive Experience, wouldn't it?

    Seriously though, I do appreciate the extra effort you put in your comments, expanding what I've come up with or providing more accurate information! Sometimes I almost wonder if I should credit you as a co-creator of the blog! :)

  3. ^_^ am just happy to be of help


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