Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cool Stuff: Potpourri - Well, mostly Major Matt Mason!

Let's see what we find filed under "M," shall we?


Ah, the Mandrake the Magician Magic Kit! If that's not an appropriate bit of licensing, I don't know what is!


Last time I posted these pics, they were as part of a Major Matt Mason slideshow, so now you can look at them in more detail... here's Captain Lazer, who was later reused, if I recall correctly, as a Cylon -- or at least, parts of him were!


This Firebolt Space Cannon is, in a word, awesome... like something out of a late 60s/early 70s Godzilla movie!


The XRG Re-Entry Glider is pretty cool, too!


Every decent action figure line had to have a carrying case to store your figures in... here's Major Matt Mason's!


If you had Major Matt Mason as a kid, and only had one of the accessories, it seems that the Spacecrawler was it, doesn't it?


How many kids' minds were blown when they saw this wonderful gift set of Major Matt Mason stuff on the shelves of the toy department at Sears or Penneys?


Space Power Suit pak!


Space Station! I'm amazed this wasn't refitted for some other Mattel line in the 1970s!


It's just the box for the Talking Flying Major Matt Mason, but I had to save the photo!


Uni-Tred Space Hauler... man, Major Matt Mason had the coolest vehicles, didn't he?

A wider range of potpourri next time!



  1. that Mandrake set is probbly one of the best licenced for product i have seen... well, i think i saw a Human Touch lighter but thats probbly not a good mix -_-

    shame that apart from the one stock art image, there isn't anything more Mandrake related.. even the two characters on the front aren't related from the look of it.. i guess this was probbly a normal magic kit that they just decided to slap a Mandrake label on.

  2. Ahhh, nostalgia! I got a goodly amount of cash for my old Matt Mason stuff about twenty years ago but I still miss it! Did you know that the Spacecrawler also attached to the top of the space station and acted as a winch? The XRG1 never really worked. I loved the Unitred and the space bubble!There was also a second carrying case that opened into a spaceship cockpit and talked when you pulled a string!

  3. Manic Man - I'd say you're absolutely spot-on about that... but at least it's more appropriate than some of what Remco did for Star Trek, Land of the GIants and Lost In Space toys in the 1960s!

    Booksteve: I had no idea the Spacecrawler attached to the top of the space station! Thanks for the info! Too bad the glider didn't work -- I presume you mean it didn't glide?


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