Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Drawing Nearer...


...yes, in a little over a week, October will be here, and so will the Halloween Countdown! If you have a blog and are planning daily postings for Halloween this year, please let me know at waffyjon at comcast dot net or leave a comment here with your blog's URL so I can add you to the blogroll! I've already contacted all the blogs I had listed for 2007's countdown (at least, those that had email links available) to see if they're participating, too! And fair warning -- once October 1st gets here, I'll be deleting the 2007 listing from the side, so if you want the Random Geeks who check this blog out to know about your blog, ya may just want to go for it again!


  1. Sounds like fun - I'm in!

    I'll shoot you an email!

  2. Will try to follow along on my blog this year....not sure how regularly I'll be able to come up with something different each day this time around, though. :-)

  3. UniversalHorror - Well, you're on the list, we'll see how ya do!

    Bubbashelby - which of your blogs are you going to participate with?

  4. Count me in on the Halloween madness. I've posted a lot of Halloween themed things in the past but this was going to be my first year doing a full countdown.

    However, now I'm not sure I'll be able to post something every day even though I had planned ahead - I had two hard drives die on me in a row earlier, lost a ton of stuff and still haven't recovered. I'm totally going to be winging it day by day now.

    mostly audio stuff:

    other stuff:

  5. Welcome to the countdown, Azathoth! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  6. I am returning again this year for my 3rd annual Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular! Where else can you hear 23 (I only post songs on weekdays) spooky reggae tunes set to a soundtrack of vintage Halloween sound effects, movie trailers and other wackiness? My guess would be probably be no where else on the globe. I'm definitely looking forward to all the countdowns as well!

  7. Cool, reggaexx! Looking rforwar to it!

  8. I can't promise an update every day, but I'll be posting as much Halloween Horror as I have time for this year...


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