Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome to the Halloween Countdown!


It's time once again for the Halloween Countdown, but I'm doing things a bit different from last year! Last year, some of you may recall, I posted one photo of a monster-related item on the 1st, 2 on the 2nd, and so forth.

This year, with the new features and such the Random Acts of Geekery have added since last year, I'm simply making sure that there's going to be plenty of Halloween-related stuff all month long! Yes, every single day, there should be at least one post of monster goodness for you! You can look forward to galleries of cool stuff that's been offered for sale on eBay, slideshows, videos (some of 8mm and super 8mm digests, some of full movies!), horror comics art, and -- if I get them scanned in time -- some monsterous children's books!

But wait, there's more! On Halloween night itself, starting at 7 PM Pacific Time, the Halloween Movie Marathon starts, with three full-length streaming movies for you to watch at home on your computer... full screen if you want! And they're all legal!

Of course, there'll be the usually monster geekery, like Monster Mondays (which itself was a spin-off of last year's Halloween countdown) and the monster magazine reviews... just more of it!

But don't think I've forgotten about the comics and superhero toys and cartoons and all that stuff -- it'll still be here, if a bit overshadowed by the monsters here and there! Every Halloween Countdown Post (and there may be more than one on any particular day) will feature the graphic at the beginning of this entry.

I hope you'll enjoy it... and if your own blog is participating in the Halloween countdown this year, let me know so I can add it to the Halloween Countdown Blogroll!



  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    There's going to be so much to read this year. I think my head is going explode in an orange, black, purple and green blast.

  2. Well, just make sure you put drop cloths around your computer area to help with the clean-up, Shawn!

  3. This is awesome! Please add me to your list of participants. I've already posted an article on the 1970s Spectre, and I have plenty more monster madness to fill the rest of the month.

    Here's my link:


    Thanks for the monster party!

  4. You're on the list, and you're welcome, Groovy Agent! If you can, try to post a list of links to the other participating sites on your own blog.


  5. You got it, man! Thanks again!

  6. Hello Jon. I was told that I should contact you about being included on the Halloween Countdown Blogroll. I have two blogs that will be participating in the countdown:


    Thank you for creating the banners for the participants. I look forward to contributing to this blogging community event. Take care.


  7. ZerO_II, you're added! And even as I type this, I'm downloading one of your posted music files - looking forward to seeing more from you! And you're welcome for the banners!


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