Wednesday, October 01, 2008

By the 10's: Ghost Manor/Ghostly Haunts!


Hey, it's Halloween Countdown time, so all month (if I can manage it), I'll choose horror comics for the 1-10! This time around, it's Charlton's Ghost Manor (1st series) which transformed into Ghostly Haunts! Not much to say about these other than that the covers were pretty cool, if you ask me!



With issue 20, the title changed to Ghostly Haunts, and it kept that title through the end of the series.


Ditko did a lot of stuff for Charlton's horror books!


By the way, the blue-skinned chick in the corner box was the hostess of the book, much like the EC horror titles had. I forget her name off the top of my head.


Apologies for the low-quality image for issue 50!

Ghostly Haunts lasted about another seven issues after this.

Next time around... Charlton revives Ghost Manor!



  1. Anonymous12:50 AM

    intresting that Ghost Manor has the tag line 'Echos of the Spirit World' which seams to be dropped then it changed to Ghostly Haunts then bought back a little bit later.. then gone again.. alot of comics seam to have taglines that come and go..

    and there blue skined host (which them covers seam to make her look a little green but IS blue) is Winnie the Witch.. Not a new name but might be kinda new when they did it ^_^

    oh and something really bugged me about issue 20's cover.. am pretty sure it wasn't one of Ditkos and it looked alot like some of the old conan Marval issues.. but alas, i fell short.. the inside artist (probbly did the cover too) is credited as one 'Jean Elier' but unless that's a fake name, he didn't do much but a few little things for charlton..

  2. Art credits - or any kind of credits - for Charlton stuff is problematic at best, especially when there's no signature on it, naturally! The style looks vaguely familiar to me, but I can't quite place it...

    Thanks for reminding me what the host's name is! I don't think that Hanna-Barbera's WInsome (Winnie) Witch was still showing, except maybe in syndication, by that point. The miscoloring on the covers of her skin could be that way on the actual covers, or could be a non-fixed color problem when scanning.


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