Thursday, October 16, 2008

By the 10's: Strange Suspense Stories!


A short one this time around! Although the story of this title is far from short, I'm afraid! Fawcett Comics did the first series of Strange Suspense Stories, which only lasted four issues, in 1952. Then, Charlton had their Lawbreakers Suspense Stories...


...which ran to issue 15, becoming Strange Suspense Stories with 16!


But as you can see, by issue 20 (with this Ditko cover), it was Strange Suspense Stories! Don't worry, the elements should get more monstrous as we go!

Strange Suspense Stories lasted as a title until issue 22, and with 23 it became "This is Suspense," but it changed back with issue 26 to "Strange Suspense Stories!"


Told ya! Here's issue 30, and it's kind of neat how it's left to your imagination what's in that trunk!


Issue 40's cover could almost have been the cover for an Indiana Jones comic, couldn't it?


By issue 50, the title definitely got more horrific!


OK, so issue 60's cover is more goofy than horrific...


Here's issue 70, with a Giant Ghost on the cover!

The title lasted until 77 in the original series... but Charlton revived it in 1967, but that started with a new number 1, and only lasted nine issues!

The original numbering, starting with issue 78, was taken up by Captain Atom, if you can believe that!



  1. don't you just love the old days when they didn't start new comics but renamed old comics?.. come to think of it, it's coming back these days..

  2. Yeah, but it makes life difficult for indexers, doesn't it?

    Of course, back in the old days, publishers didn't like #1 issues, because they didn't figure kids would want to try something new (this is why the Barry Allen Flash comics took up the numbering from the original Flash Comics).

  3. yeah.. these days #1s have 20 covers and every 3 issues of a series they appear again. But, as i said, carrying over the number is returning


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