Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cool Stuff: Popeye Collectibles!

Let's take a look at some interesting collectibles featuring everyone's favorite one-eyed sailor man, shall we?


You'll never know how tempted I was to place a bid on this Popeye 3-D viewer, which seems to be using some kind of unholy blend of View-Master and Kenner's See-A-Show systems!


This item is a Popeye bubble blower... why make a Popeye bubble blower in the shape of a train? Well, I'm guessing it had been just a train bubble blower before, and with a sticker added to it...


Now, this is what a Popeye bubble blower is supposed to look like... and don't look too closely at Popeye's arm there... because you'll go crazy trying to figure out for sure which shoulder it's attached to!


I always get amused when I come across licensed items that make no sense... like the above Popeye chalk set!


Or this Popeye Choo Choo locomotive (that's two Popeye trains this posting so far!)... which features card art of Popeye riding a rocket ship! Well, blow me down!


There have been at least two or three different Popeye Colorforms sets... this one makes perfect sense! The one I've seen with Popeye the Weatherman (?!?!?) doesn't.


Speaking of not making sense... I'm sure Popeye fought his share of bulls in the Fleischer cartoons, but this bull looks like it fell through a portal from a different cartoon universe! The style's just wrong to my eye (looks more like a Jay Ward universe bull, if you ask me).


Cool Corgi paddlewagon, but I wish the character detailing was better!


Here's a Popeye Dot Book... note that the publisher's kindly printed a completed one on the cover to give you an idea of how it's done!


And with this toy, that makes THREE Popeye train toys this posting!


OK, so you can see from the box Popeye's not the engineer of the train... nevertheless, it's a train toy featuring Popeye.


Four! Four Popeye Train Toys, ha ha ha ha ha (to be read in the voice of "The Count" from Sesame Street, natch)!


Popeye Jack-In-The-Box closed...


...and open! I think Mattel must've made two versions of this one, because I recall seeing one with multi-levels of pop-up!


At first thought, a Popeye Kaleidoscope doesn't make too much sense... unless you think of it as a substitute for the telescope a sailor like Popeye would be using!


OK, these guys weren't even trying to make the toy go with the license... Popeye leap-frog indeed...

I'll continue with more Popeye stuff next time!



  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Oh, man... I remember being a little kid and for some reason DESPERATELY wanting this Popeye shaving kit that they sold at my local drug store. It was just a fake plastic razor and fake plastic shaving cream bottles. I have no idea why, exactly, I would have wanted that, but I do vividly remember absolutely LONGING for it. It was also a huge disappointment when I realized that it wasn't a real razor.

  2. Thanks for sharing that story!


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