Saturday, November 01, 2008

Announcing... the Go-Go Godzilla Blog!


Time for me to add to the Jon K family of blogs! Go-Go Godzilla is the new blog of daily postings of Godzilla collectibles, all photos that I've either shown here in "Monster Mondays" postings, or scheduled to show up in the future! Plus, there may be the occasional video showing up here and there.

The blog won't just cover Godzilla, but the whole Tohoverse (i.e. Ghidrah, Rodan, Mothra, Frankenstein/Gargantuas, Toho Kong) and some similar characters (like Gamera and Gappa). Basically, if it's a person in a rubber suit portraying a giant monster, it'll probably show up there!

I hope you'll check it out!



  1. erm.. Gamera was Toho.. the wording there makes it sound like he isn't..

    anyway.. sounds good but i probbly regret that i won't be able to check it as much as i would like.

  2. Gamera was Daiei Studoos.

  3. ah, yes.. you are right.. i just got confused with cause of the styles, cast etc but you are right.. sorry.. it was Daiei Motion Pictures, which are no the well known Kadokawa Herald Pictures and directed, of course, by Noriaki Yuasa (who passed away of a stroke in 2004). i think i was mostly confused because of Shusuke Kaneko how did the Heisei period Gamera films and some of the Millennium series Godzilla.


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