Friday, November 07, 2008

By the 10's: Batman, Part 2!


Continuing, here's Batman 110, the first cover in this By the 10's in which Batman suddenly has some inexplicable power! The sci-fi era of Batman was probably a necessary evil (it did keep the book going, after all)...


Batman 120 introduces the Whirley-Bats!


Batman 130... yes, aliens and giant hands...


Batman 140 brings us the first Batwoman cover appearance in this By the 10's, as well as a strange transformation!


Batman 150, and this time, Robin has powers but Batman doesn't!


Batman 160, with an alien crime boss!


Batman 170, and we're out of the sci-fi era and into the "New Look" era, although many sci-fi elements still seem to be showing up that perhaps would've better fit The Flash!


Batman 180, no sci-fi stuff at all, and a very moody cover, although kind of marred by the go-go checks.


Batman 190 - was this the Penguin's first appearance in the 1960s? It's certainly his first appearance in this By the 10's!


Batman 200, and another classic anniversary cover!



  1. and now, you can clearly understand why the Godzilla vs Batman film was being thought about.. it never got far but still.. Not so out-of-place when you see all them Sci-fi Batman stories.

  2. I'd never heard such a thing was being considered, Manic Man!

  3. There are a lot of intrestin Godzilla films that were thought about.. most of them didn't get past the 'here's a idea writen down' stage, but still.. can be very intresting stuff. In fact, it was at such a stage, i doubt (as do others) that it even got so far as for DC Comics to hear about it. It was just an idea to get the same success as another American/Japanese Godzilla film 'King Kong Vs Godzilla'


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