Tuesday, November 11, 2008

By the 10's: Batman, Part 4!

Wow, didn't I just do an installment of this two days ago? Well, let's wrap up Batman, shall we?


Joe Kubert's covers were a nice treat during this era of Batman, and I'm glad we got one for issue 310!


Batman 320, as the Dark Knight meets a Hunchback???


Batman 330, and things are improving for Batman storywise, as we get Talia returning!


Batman 340, and the Mole returns! I believe the Mole had originally appeared in an issue of World's Finest Comics.


Batman 350, and I remember buying this issue new off the stands! And that will wrap up the Batman By the 10's!

Next by the 10's... would you believe the Brave and the Bold?



  1. i might be wrong, but in the UK Crimson is a form of Red.. .. i guess it relates to the fact its some kind of vampire (by the looks of it) more then what it is wearing ^_^

  2. Manic Man, that's pretty much it... If I recall correctly, this issue brought back The Monk and Dala, who hadn't been seen since the pre-Robin days.

    I guess they figured, "Hey, Gene Colan's drawing the book, let's get a vampire in it!"


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