Saturday, November 15, 2008

By the 10's: The Brave and the Bold, Part 1!

The Brave and the Bold started out as an anthology-styled title, featuring epic adventures of the likes of Robin Hood and the Silent Knight, and then it morphed into a Showcase-styled title before morphing into its final phase as a Batman team-up book!

But of course, you already knew that!


I think the size and style of the logo here in issue 10 really shows what the title's original intent was! And you know, I wouldn't mind seeing all these features reprinted in a Showcase-style volume...


The Silent Knight and Robin Hood are still holding strong in issue 20!


Issue 30, and we're in the "Showcase-style" era... with the most successful concept spun out of B&B (although it's obviously not the first JLA story)!


Issue 40, and here's Cave Carson, who got a LOT of try-outs in B&B! It's an interesting concept (even if a bit derivative of other works, like Journey to the Center of the Earth and the Pellucidar stories of ERB)... I think it really needed a strong, unifying storyline to really get this going, but these days, what with the Warlord's Skartaris existing in the DCU, I don't know if anything could be done with it today!


Issue 50, and the team-ups are starting! I don't know if DC intended to just rotate all the team-ups at this point, or if they were looking for a pair to spin off together (since neither GA or the Manhunter here had their own book at the time).


Issue 60 cover-features the second-most successful title concept introduced here, the Teen Titans! The first "unofficial" gathering of these teens only included Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad, but it must've done well enough to get a title (and the inclusion of Wonder Girl, who shouldn't have co-existed with them, as she was supposed to be Wonder Woman as a teen!). Like with the JLA, the appropriate archer (in this case, Speedy) wasn't included in the initial teaming!


Issue 70, and a concept got locked in that would last for the rest of the series... teaming Batman up with someone else, mostly in stories written by Bob Haney (and apparently existing on their own unique Earth!).


Issue 80... and for me, the Creeper doesn't work well with most artists other than Ditko... Neal Adams' style is just too realistic for it to work in my mind!


Issue 90, and Adam Strange is the co-star this time! I think Adam teamed up with Batman at least two more times. Always was a bit of a stretch to team the two together!


Brave and the Bold 100, the anniversary issue, and you know what? Batman really needs to learn how not to be critically injured when he's in a team-up book, because he always ends up nearly dying (witness the story in World's Finest where Gold of the Metal Men tries to kill him on the cover, or the story in this title or World's Finest - I forget which - in which the Atom goes into a comatose Batman's brain to get his body to work and track down a criminal).

The rest of the series next time!



  1. hang on... there is something about that Wonder Girl small image.. that face looks... erm.. very odd indead..

  2. Looks way too enthusiastic, doesn't it? Almost manic!

  3. It looks almost like anime to me.


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