Sunday, November 23, 2008

By the 10's: Detective Comics, Part 1!

OK, this is really kind of Batman month for By the 10's, so why not continue with Detective Comics?

Of course, you know that Detective was the first of its kind... all-new stories in one comic with a single theme (even if that theme would be stretched here and there). The book really hit its stride when the Caped Crusader was introduced, and Batman would eventually take over the entire book! And of course, the publishing company would take Detective Comics as its name, DC!


Here's Detective #10, before the Batman!


Issue 20's cover was pretty dynamic, wasn't it?


Issue 30... while Batman had made his first appearance a few issues ago, he wasn't immediately cover-featured all the time! Kind of makes one wonder why DC was so gun-shy about it, especially after what they went through with Action Comics and Superman!


Issue 40, and Batman's not only got the cover spot, but by this time, Robin had joined him! Looks like the Joker on that cover, doesn't it? Since the Grand Comics Database is running real slow, I can't check if that's indeed the Joker at this time (and naturally, I don't have the issue in my possession).


And on issue 50's cover, Robin returns the favor Batman paid him by saving his mentor's life! You'd think the criminals of Gotham City would have learned by this point, eh?


Detective #60... and aren't Batman and Robin having way too much fun here? Truth to tell, when I first heard about All-Star Batman and Robin, I was hoping the book would be closer in tone to something like this than what it ended up being!


Detective #70 features a classic Jerry Robinson cover, one that he would re-create much later in life!


Here's Detective #80, and it's "The End of Two-Face," which I believe was the second part of the original two-part story of Two-Face! I guess DC didn't figure on a return engagement, eh?


Detective #90... and this is a great cover, isn't it? One wonders where the heck Batman's chest insignia ended up!


And we wrap up this installment with Detective #100, and it would be easy to miss Batman on this cover entirely! It's all too tempting to make some kind of lumberjack joke about this cover, but I'll show some restraint!



  1. Detective Comics issue 40 was.. The Murders of Clayface! his first apperances... but the Cover IS the Joker... why? no bloody clue..

    and what's wrong with Lumberjacks? hes a lumberjack and he looks okay ^_^ (English humour is clearly right on target for me..)

  2. Yes, I know.... he chops down trees, he eats his lunch, he goes to that lavat'ry... on Wednesdays he goes shopping, has buttered scones for tea...


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