Thursday, November 27, 2008

By the 10's: Detective Comics, Part 2!

Now for the second hundred issues of Detective Comics... by the 10's!


And Detective 110, like pretty much all the covers you've seen in the previous installment and in this one, feature covers you'll never see in comics these days!


Speaking of covers you'd not see these days, here's Detective 120! If the Penguin was on a cover with Batman these days, it'd appear he'd be getting the best of the Caped Crusader, no doubt!


Detective 130 here... amazing how often Batman and Robin are turned away from the reader on these covers, isn't it?


Detective 140... we've had the Penguin and Two-Face so far, and possibly the Joker... now it's the Riddler's turn to appear on a cover!


Detective 150's cover looks like it was prepared without knowing what the contents of the issue will be!


A few covers ago, Batman and Robin were in Great Britain... this time around they're in France, on the cover of issue 160!


Can you believe it was issue 170 before we had a cover where Batman's identity is about to be revealed?


And issue 180 definitely features the Joker! I'd bet he wasn't remotely homicidal in this issue...


Issue 190 has that comic book cliche of the hero losing his memory! Sounds like a theme I should've collected way back when I was doing cover themes!


Issue 200, and we haven't seen a typical anniversary cover yet! Nice to see the Batplane make a cover appearance, though!



  1. we did have the joker in that small image in the past.. and i'm i the only one that thinks today, they probably can't get away with 'Pow-Wow Smith- Indian Lawman'...

  2. You're probably right!

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  4. You just know that the criminals in car No. 7 on the cover of #200 are going "Your alert is a wee bit too late to be any real use."

  5. Or something completely unpublishable in the comics of the day, Jamdin!


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