Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Castle of Frankenstein #9, Part 2!

As promised, here's the interview with Boris Karloff!











In brief... the interview starts by showing Karloff a 1933 interview with him, and he clarifies his real name is William Henry, not Charles Edward (apparently there had been some confusion about that), and that he was born in Dulwich, not Enfield. He talks about being typecast as villains, too, and that he prefers working in theatre. He also dispels the rumor that Lon Chaney introduced him to films!

Also mentioned is his first movie (His Majesty, The American... not The DUmb Girl of Portici), how he was cast as the Frankenstein Monster, that he never saw Edision's version, nor did he see tests of Lugosi as the Monster. He credits Jack Pierce for the look of the Monster, except for the putty on his lids. Karloff praises James Whale's direction, offers his suggestions as to why the scene with the little girl was cut (where the Monster throws her in the lake), that he prefers the first Frankenstein movie to the other two in which he played the monster, and that he felt the Monster should've never spoken.

Karloff also mentions that Glenn Strange (who played the Monster opposite Karloff in House of Frankenstein) wasn't as lucky as he was, that he'd not seen Hammer's Frankenstein movies, that Lugosi was a very fine actor, he enjoyed working in Italy on Black Sabbath except for the cold, but he didn't care for working on Il Monstra Dell'Isola in Italy... He dispels a few things that he'd supposedly said about modern horror films, and talks about working on Die, Monster Die, among a few other things!

Next time: Batmania!


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