Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cool Stuff: Tarzan and TV Toys!

Let's just get right into this, shall we?


Tarzan 8mm movie! I have no idea which Tarzan actor is in this one.


Tarzan Thingmaker mold, by Mattel!


8mm version of "Tiger Woman" serial!


Nifty cartoony Uncle Fester, from the Addams Family, manufactured by Remco!


I think I've posted the box art for this Addams Family board game before... now you can see the board, too!


Alvin and the Chipmunks coloring book! It's amazing the variety of coloring books offered on eBay on a regular basis.


Archie hair clip and Jughead Junior Shaver! Yeah, I don't understand why any kid would've wanted a Jughead junior shaver, either.


Bionic Woman coloring book from 1976!


Bozo the Clown Press-Out Book!


Two different Brady Bunch coloring books! I wonder how well the artists did making the characters look like the actors?


Buck Rogers coloring book, based on the TV series! Buck's looking pretty buff there!


Bullwinkle Braintwisters! Yeah, this is another one where the license doesn't fit the toy concept. Now, a Mr. Peabody Braintwister I could've gotten behind...


Kenner's Change-A-Channel TV Set! I wish I had more knowledge of Kenner's history, because I'd love to know if this pre-dated the Easy-Show Projector or not... same concept, just with a built-in screen. I'd bet it even uses the same cartridges.


And we'll wrap up this installment with this Circus Boy coloring book. That's young Mickey Braddock as Circus Boy there, but we know him better as Micky Dolenz of the Monkees!



  1. oh.. too long.. am letting myself down.. but anyway..

    Tarzan and the Hidden Jungle was done in 1955 with Gordon Scott as Tarzan. It was his first Tarzan film.. i think, and was also known as 'Tarzan's Hidden Jungle'... of course, i could be wrong.. but that image does look a bit like Gordon Scott doesn't it? shame he's dead now but then he was another of these actors that didn't really do much.

  2. Thanks for filling in some of the missing info, Manic Man!

  3. No problem. Now am just wondering Why, if they are going to do a Junior Shaver thing, are they using Jughead? Raggie? maybe.. Moose? sure, even Archie! But Jughead?... maybe it would be better as Mr Weatherbee? for when you want that all over job ^_^
    well, yet another case of wanting to make money from a popular character and to hell with the fans..

  4. I could easily do a blog just on licensed products that make no sense at all... although you'll see plenty of them in my upcoming Spider-Man, Hulk, and Batman blogs!


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