Saturday, November 08, 2008

Movie of the Week: Battle in Outer Space!

Check this out:

It's a sceen from "Battle in Outer Space," this week's Movie of the Week, and doesn't it kind of remind you of the spaceship battles in Star Wars?

Anyway... Battle in Outer Space is a loose sequel to The Mysterians (1957), jumping ahead several years to 1965, when Etsuko Shiraishi and Dr. Adachi, among others, are now heavily involved in the Earth Defense Forces. Rather than have Mysterians return to Earth for this sequel, a new, more sinister race was created: the Natal, who wield powerful anti-gravity weapons.

At least, that's what Wikipedia says about the movie. I haven't seen either this or the Mysterians!

Here's a slideshow of stuff from the movie, though... sorry I don't have more!

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  1. unlike The Mysterians (but like this films follow up) it doesn't feature a gaint monster so... i can't really help with info ^_^

  2. Well, one of these days I'll get around to actually watching this one!


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