Saturday, December 27, 2008

By the 10's: Comic Cavalcade!

This By the 10's features Comic Cavalcade, one of DC's Golden Age anthology titles that would feature at least rotating cover features, if not rotating features... It was a quarterly, and I think because this is "By the 10s" you'll initially see the covers with the golden age Green Lantnern, Wonder Woman and Flash on 'em... and then the funny animals take over!


Issue 10 - and I should note here that the covers would feature the three heroes pretty much just enjoying themselves!


Issue 20!


Issue 30... ok, so the superheroes were gone by this issue... and the funny animals take over!


Issue 40!


Issue 50!


Issue 60! And the book only lasted another three issues after this!


  1. of cous, you will notice Dodo and the Frog, a team that would return for a guest star in issue 3 of Captian Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew, which was a comic that was kinda a return to the golden Age 'Funny Animal' comics.. though i hear some bad things about a return to it DC have either planned or just done -_-

  2. I've not read many issues of Captain Carrot, but I had heard they returned there (and that Peter Porkchops was Pig-Iron in the comic). I hadn't heard about any return of Dodo and the Frog, or are you talking about the recent Captain Carrot revival Roy Thomas had nothing to do with?

  3. it was the old ones.. issue 3. the Frog was turned into Frogzilla to get revenge on Dodo. Wolfie (from the Peter Porkchops stories) even did a return in the one story where he had become a 'Wuzwolf' (He was a wolf, but at full moon, he turned into a monster like 'Human being'). Not really bothered with the return after being partly let down by the Oz-Wonderland war but i hear it is just like any other DC title today.. features an evil twin that murders one of the cast -_-


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