Tuesday, December 30, 2008

By the 10's: Flash Comics, Part 1!

And the last By the 10's of the year is a title that will extend into January! It's Flash Comics, starting with the Golden Age and Jay Garrick, and continue into the Silver Age with Barry Allen!


Issue 10... oh, yes, I'd forgotten to mention that Flash and Hawkman would alternate the cover spots! Here's an interesting cover... the scene should be very exciting, but it almost comes off as staid in some ways!


Issue 20... and I don't think the cover artist really carried off what was happening all that well... I had to look at the cover a few times before I quite figured out what was happening!


Issue 30, and this is a GREAT cover, especially compared to the first two I showed... it asks questions, it makes you want to read the story inside... wonderful!


Issue 40... and this is another great cover! I guess it took a while for them to get up to speed, eh?


Issue 50... I like this cover, too... things are getting odd, but I like it, compared to the generic action in on issue 10 and 20's covers.


Issue 60... is almost a great cover, but to my eye, it just isn't as good as the last few covers!


Issue 70... and Hawkman's got the cover spot now, there's a gorilla on the cover... and I have no idea who or what that is about to fight the gorilla!


Issue 80... Flash has the cover spot again, and I like the idea of this cover, if not the execution...


Issue 90 is another cover that grabs you, makes you ask questions you need to read the book to answer!


Issue 100, Hawkman's on the cover for this special issue, and Carter's got the hood on, instead of the familar hawk's-head helmet!

And that's where we'll leave it for now...


  1. Re the cover of Flash Comics #70:


    "Proboscis Jones had a wonderful nose for the perfume business and made a fortune in it. However, when Jones uncharacteristically takes on different personalities upon breathing air in various locales, the Feathered Fury steps in to restore order!"

    So that's who that is.

  2. Thanks, RAB... I guess I could've looked that up for myself, but more often than not, it seems that the descriptions are lacking in detail.


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