Friday, January 02, 2009

By the 10's: Flash Comics, Part 2!

Continuing with Flash Comics, as we enter the Silver Age!

Issue 110, and Barry Allen's on the job!

Issue 120 - I always found it curious that Kid Flash was the only sidekick (to my knowledge) who started out with a carbon copy of the costume his mentor wore!

Issue 130 - How could that have been a surprise story if it was blurbed on the cover?

Issue 140, as Barry faces... The Temperature Twins, Heat Wave and Captain Cold!

Issue 150, and Captain Cold returns!

Issue 160, an 80-Page Giant, featuring all the speedsters DC had (or at least, that they knew they had!).

Issue 170 - you just know Julie Schwartz had a hand in coming up with this cover concept!

Issue 180, and it seems that Carmine Infantino is off the book! I believe this is Ross Andru's work on this cover.

Issue 190 brings us an all-too-rare Joe Kubert cover!

Issue 200, Carmine's back on the cover for this special 200th issue!

To be continued!


  1. AAAHH!! the Flash killed Kirby!

    what? feelings aside, the US Pres isn't the most important man in america.. if he was then that would be a Dictorship..

  2. Wow - can't say I'd heard of Antelope Boy till today!

    Who does Flash consider the "most important man in America"? I'm guessing he's gone and killed Ryan Seacrest.

    Great Blog!

  3. I don't have the book in my collection (or a reprint, either), so I don't know who Flash is supposed to have killed, but the cover seems to be indicating it's supposed to be the Prez...

  4. In #140, aren't Captain Cold and Heat Wave just neutralizing each other via the Goldilocks effect? I think all they'd be doing is making Flash feel exceedingly comfortable.

    "Ah! Just right!" says the Flash, before turning the villains' heads into a fine red mist by smashing together at super-speed.

  5. Peter, given that the cover's showing Capt. Cold hitting Flash on one side, and Heat Wave hitting him on the other, I'd imagine the shock to the Flash's system would be pretty major!


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