Friday, January 16, 2009

By the 10's: House of Secrets, Part 1!

Time to start a new "By the 10's," and we're looking at DC's other House title, "The House of Secrets"!

Issue 10 shows us that, like "House of Mystery," the book was almost more of a science fiction title than a spooky one, at least at the beginning!

Issue 20 - Super Fireball Aliens From Space!

Issue 30 - Mark Merlin was the first series character in HoS, so far as I can tell!

Issue 40, and Mark Merlin's still around! I'm not too familiar with Mr. Merlin, myself.

Issue 50 - you know, it seems to me a Mark Merlin/Adam Strange team-up would've been a natural!

Issue 60, and Mark Merlin's adventures seem to be diverted from Sci-Fi to the Occult!

By issue 70, Eclipso's taken over the cover spot! Super-heroes were definitely selling, and this seems to be the first time at a major company that a villain was the lead -- or at least title -- character of a series!

Issue 80, and Eclipso's getting billed with Prince Ra-Man! Prince Ra-Man is the renamed Mark Merlin!

By issue 90, House of Secrets has gained the look and feel that it's probably best-known for!

Issue 100, and aren't these early covers of the New House of Mystery cool? More next time!


  1. wy is it, be you alien or Superpowered, in the world of DC, you either walk around bare leged to the thights (or skin-tight) or in fishnet..

    Boy, it shouldn't have been Caliber that did the comic version of the Rock Horror Picture Show, but DC eh?

  2. That is one crazy conceptual leap between issue 80 and issue 90. I wonder if this might not be the most dramatic change in a book across a ten-issue gap in any of the "By the 10s" you've presented so far.

  3. Manic Man - Because someone decided it's futuristic? Actually, the whole skintight supersuit concept was modeled after circus acrobats.

    RAB - Yes, that is about as far a leap as you could possiblhy imagine, eh?


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