Thursday, January 29, 2009

By the 10's: Justice League of America, Part 2!


Issue 110 - a 100-Page Super-Spectacular, but not one I think I ever had!


Issue 120 - how many times was Kanjar Ro the villain when Adam Strange guest-starred?


Issue 130 - Bizarre, isn't it?


Issue 140 - An issue that was adapted for one of the stories of Cartoon Network's Justice League animated series, and very well-done, too!


Issue 150 - I always enjoyed reading a JLA story with the Key, but I don't think I ever read this one!


Issue 160 - One of the JLA/JSA storylines from the years when they kept adding another group of heroes into the story! This started with JLA 100, with the Seven Soldiers of Victory, and continued with the Freedom Fighters, the Marvel Family and other Fawcett heroes, The Legion of Super-Heroes, and the New Gods! There was one, smaller team-up that didn't bring in another team, though.


Issue 170 - Apparently, Batman was undergoing another spike in popularity again!


Issue 180, and the JLA was starting to go downhill, in my opinion. I'll never understand why Zatanna was inducted into the League, but they changed her costume!


Issue 190 - Great cover!


Issue 200 was probably the last great issue of JLA under the original title... not long after this we had the Detroit era, and while there are fans of those stories, I'm not really one of 'em... so we'll end this By the 10's here!

Next time... get ready for Kirby, with Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth!


  1. mmm.. not too keen on issue 120.. if they are turning to Dust, i can understand why the uniforms are still there BUT still filled out? and Black Canary's hair is still there?

    170- Huh? Batman is the only one that can't fly and breath in space? Since when can Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, etc fly and breath in space?

    190- the Effects of Starro's mini-things is? Wonder Women gets very fat lips!

  2. Most of your comments can be answered with "Artistic License"...

    But on issue 120, I think the idea is showing that it's happening very quickly, and only their bodies are turning to dust, not their uniforms (or Black Canary's blonde wig).

    Issue 170, Batman was the only one whose mission took him into space, I believe... although I should note that Hawkman can survive for short periods of time in space, thanks to special treatments he'd received as a Thanagarian policeman.

  3. Artistic License gets a bit thin at times as they seam to stretch it to cover almost anything. I keep forgetting Black Canary wore a wig... come to think of it, the writers and artists probebly forget that often too ^_^


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