Saturday, January 17, 2009

Children's Book Theatre: Frankenstein, Part 4!


Next: Hammer Frankensteins and beyond!


  1. Ah ha! Manic being very useful time!

    "The First Movie based on Frankenstein was a slient film made in 1910."
    "Unfortunately, all prints of this old movie seam to have disappeared"

    Nope! Not anymore.. You can buy it i think but it's a public domain film (it was done in 1910 so the copyrights have gone) and here is a copy of it at Google (okay okay, i don't normally used such a place for films but like i said, this is public domain)

    An old Film, believed Destoried and here it is! It runs about 12 mins and i have comfirmed it is the one that the picture is form.. isn't that nice?

  2. Wow! Thanks for letting me know about that... I had no idea it had been found!

  3. The story I heard was that a private collector was sitting on it for decades. He tried and failed to sell it for millions so eventually he decided to market it himself. Unbeknownst to him, once he did so, due to the age of the film as well as the fact that no one had ever renewed the copyright(it being "lost" and all), it was public domain. Within days there were copies online and available on DVD (often paired with NOSFERATU).

  4. Booksteve - Wow, if he'd been smarter, he could have made some pretty decent money from it... instead of trying to be super greedy, he could've been a little greedy, and then made that money in the long run...


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