Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cool Stuff: DC Collectibles!


Sadly, this is the only photo I have of the Light-Up Desk, which appears to simply be a light table to help you copy pictures! I wonder how much of an influence this had on modern-day comic artists!


Here's a Super Powers book and record set that I think has to be something available online somewhere...


These Super Powers puzzles of Batman and Wonder Woman are pretty nice... Do they even make decent DC Superheroes puzzles these days for kids that aren't based on the movie versions?

Next time: More miscellanea!


  1. that light up desk seams to have had a major impact.. there is a nice bit on one site (i can't remember which comic site right now) which builds a collection of where artists nick other pictures and trace them.. even there own work and recolour them into different characters.. that isn't too bad but two characters that aren't meant to look the same end up the same... anyway, the one say it's okay to nick others work (and trace over photos) without permission of the oringal creator and still pick up a full pay check... boy, some guys are stupid..

  2. Manic Man - The Lying in the Gutters column at Comic Book Resources often has a "swipe file" feature.

  3. ah! That's the site! ^_^ i knew it was something like that.


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