Friday, January 30, 2009

Cool Stuff: Miscellanea!

Jason and the Argonauts Mexican lobby card!


Kenner's Change-A-Channel TV is a variation of their Easy-Show Projector, and a pretty cool idea! Fisher-Price would do something similar in the late 1970s.

king of the rocket men
King of the Rocketmen! Great poster, great serial... too bad it doesn't seem to be on DVD!

korg 20,000 bc cover
Hey, this is in the wrong place! It's the original painted art for issue 8 of Charlton's "Korg: 20,000 B.C." comic book, based on the Hanna-Barbera comic!

Beatles "Let it Be" poster - click for supersizing!

Here's a rare action figure based on the television miniseries "The Martian Chronicles"!

I used to have this Marx Toys Cape Kennedy set when I was a kid. I loved it! Wish I still had it!

masked marvel poster
It's been forever since I've seen the serial "The Masked Marvel"!

Next time: Micronauts!



    there you go, buy it and enjoy.. while you are there, you can get a prints of abunch of the posters, a Gigarette case, and even a Book and Innovation comics that seam to have been done based on it around 1991.. but they might not be based on THAT version.. but at any rate, there is a the DVD for a good price huh?

  2. Yep.... must be fairly recent, because it wasn't there a few months ago! Thanks!

  3. yep! Recent! It came out in 2005! ^_^; probebly just put it on amazon a while back..


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