Friday, January 23, 2009

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

This installment of Original Comic Art starts out GIant-Size!


With page 38 from Giant-Size Avengers #2, art by Neal Adams and Dave Cockrum!


We follow that up with the cover for Giant-Size Conan #3, by Gil Kane!


And complete the Giant-Size stuff with the cover for Giant-Size Fantastic Four #2, also by Kane!


Next up, Haunted #1's cover, by Steve Ditko!


Next, page 1 from the Haunt of Fear #26, by Jack Davis!


And now we're back to Gil Kane with page 12 from Hawk and The Dove 5!


Next, would you believe page 11 from Luke Cage, Hero for Hire 9, by George Tuska?


And we'll finish off this installment with Hi-School Romance 54's cover, apparently by Jack Kirby!


  1. Don't see much Kirby stuff for Harvey.. though he did do some with Simon... I looked on the Kirby Museum for a bit of info on that cover to see if i can comfirm it was kirby (Art look alot like his style really) BUT all i could find is this small bit:

    "John Prentice’s last work for S&K’s Prize publications was Young Love #69 February 1956. However Joe Simon did some editorial work for Harvey during this difficult period, and Prentice work there on romances until February 1957 (Hi-School Romance #60)."

    So could it have in fact been John Prentice? There are a couple of things i don't quite like about that cover which are kinda mistakes that means not 100% kirby like but at the same time, pretty possible. The face of the guy on the floor, the couple in the background, the girl's face in the forground.. why are they meant to be doing anyway? GCD doesn't have much help on the matter...

  2. No, GCD doesn't... truth to tell, while the seller of the piece claimed it was Kirby, I didn't see all that much Kirby myself (Kirby influence yes, but pure Kirby not so much), which is why I said "apparently by Jack Kirby"...

  3. Harvey never seamed to keep good records of who did what so it's gonna be pretty hard to find out the truth huh?

    i can only think of a few people that might be able to help get to the truth... the bad new is, top of that list is kirby himself.. not like he would have remembered ^_^

  4. To say there's Kirby influence is understating it. The background characters reek of Kirby! The foreground characters show little trace of that same artist to me, though, nor does the overall layout. They look a bit like Simon but it could, in fact, be Prentice (himself a very smooth artist like Simon) or even someone else lifting figures and faces from other contexts to make this cover. Run it by the folks over at the Jack Kirby Museum maybe?

  5. Booksteve - That's a good idea! I'll have to do that very thing.


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