Friday, January 16, 2009

So Long, Dial B for Blog and Coming Super-Attractions!

So, two of the blogs on the Random Blogs of Geekery list are coming to an end. Dial B for Blog posted the very last installment today (or at least, so he says... but then, he'd said that before, didn't he?). Coming Super-Attractions is also ending before too many more days go by.

Each blog had its followers (although I'm guessing that Dial B probably came close to rivaling Mark Evanier for daily readership at times), and I'm sure many will be sad to see them go.

I have to admit, though, if I were to be completely honest with myself, as much as I enjoyed Dial B for Blog... I find myself with some mixed emotions. I find myself wondering why someone would pay for a domain name to host their blog at, and do 500 installments and then end it... especially one that popular.

Heck, this blog gets about 300 hits a day or so... I'm guessing Dial B often averaged that every 10-15 minutes minimum, especially when a new post is debuted! And I've noticed that there is a LOT of advertising links on the site, too... so it's certainly within the realm of possibility that "Robby Reed" was making some money off it...

So, it's a very popular blog, possibly profitable... why quit it? Yes, Dial B was a LOT of work to put together... just the PhotoShop time alone probably took an hour or so each day at least!

Maybe it's burn out... maybe he just figured it was time to end it. No matter what the reason he decided to call it quits, it's certainly become a legendary blog, one that will no doubt continue to be referred to for years to come.

As for me and this blog (as well as the other Random Acts of Geekery Blog Family Blogs)... I'm certainly not planning to end any of them any time soon! Although I have to admit that the Captain Ameriblog will probably be the first of them to come to a conclusion, just because Cap memorabilia hasn't been turning up that often... but if one blog ends, a new blog will take its place, I assure you! Heck, I've got over 30,000 photos in my Flickr account... it'll take forever to get them all up here!

But no matter what happens with the spin-off blogs, the Random Acts of Geekery will continue, possibly even after I die (given my penchant for trying to work ahead as much as possible on these things, it's entirely possible that when my last day on Earth comes, I'll have a month or three minimum of the Random Acts scheduled to post)!


  1. again, no offence to anyone, but i found alot of Dial B being half arsed, some facts were wrong or debatable and alot of personal view was stated as fact.. boy, doesn't that sound like Wikipedia to anyone?

    i guess, when you cut it up into days, i spend probebly around 2-3 hours a day on my site and have much less to show for it though. I really need to pop down to the library to search though old newspaper archives sometime for some stuff to tell the truth.

  2. None taken here... I suppose I'll never understand how some blogs get massively popular seemingly overnight, while others labor in obscurity for years...

  3. ..."while others labor in obscurity for years..."

    Uh, yeah. You get 300 hits a day? I am so jealous! Lately I've been gusting over 200 but just barely. My peaks were 3000 after the 48 HOURS we worked on aired and 600 after a plug from Mr. Evanier.

    Also, I think I know one reason Kirk is dropping DIAL B and it's a good one but I don't want to put it in writing in case I'm wrong.

  4. Booksteve: Well, I wasn't specifically referencing this blog as "laboring in obscurity," although I can see how it could be taken that way.

    Gusting over 200 on your blog? I have to say, I'm surprised, given how often I seem to find your blog entries being mentioned on the other blogs I read (of course, by the time I see the references, I've already read your blog myself).

    I, too, got a surge when Mr. Evanier plugged me, although that didn't hold up nearly as much as the annual Halloween Countdown numbers seem to...

    I'm sure that Kirk has very good reasons for dropping DIAL B... I suppose I'm just feeling a bit jealous about how much attention he gets for quitting, I suppose... and don't get me started on the BAT-BLOG!


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