Thursday, February 05, 2009

By the 10's: The Metal Men!

I've always liked the Metal Men, but I've never been fond of DC's more recent revivals...

Issue 10

Issue 20

Issue 30

Issue 40 - Somehow, they'd lost their way with this... the charm and wit was gone, the concept was changed and severely weakened...

Issue 50 - Revived in the 1970s, this series had a great run of stories!

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  1. the main problem i felt with the Metal Men was if they are made out of the metals, Gold is pretty soft, Mercury is a liquid most of the time, Tin isn't very strong either etc... that and they never seamed to know what to do with them..

  2. I think the concept has a lot of potential, but perhaps instead of a monthly continuing series, it would be best done as a limited series kind of thing. I've noticed that sometimes in comics, the creator of a series doesn't always know what to do with it, and it takes someone else to grab it and run with it to really bring it to its highest levels!

  3. yeah.. the concept was good.. some of the things done with it... weren't.. there was that bit when you found out they were really human 'souls' put into Robot bodies and they took on Human form.. Then you found out it was all a dream.. then not long ago, it was bought back again.. and i think it has gone back yet again...

    also, i never understood why platium was called 'Tina' (or now, even worse, she is Platina -_-).. and i'm never too sure about the 'gun' idea when they morphed into a gun...


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