Tuesday, February 10, 2009

By the 10's: More Fun Comics!

Going back to the Golden Age with this By the 10's!

Issue 10 - A rare nude cover! Not like this is a big deal, eh?

Issue 20!

Issue 30 - Action and adventure take the cover from the funny stuff!

Issue 40 - and the funny stuff gets the cover again!

Issue 50 - Apparently the series was selling, but DC was trying to see what would sell more issues!

Issue 60 - The Spectre gets the cover spot! With the super-heroes on the scene, the covers would feature amazing stuff for a while! This is a great cover, if you ask me!

Issue 70's Dr. Fate cover is pretty lame, if you ask me...it would be a good Superman cover, but doesn't fit Doc Fate!

Issue 80 - The Green Arrow and Speedy would keep the cover position for a while!

Issue 90 - Green Arrow and Speedy still have the cover spot, but they wouldn't keep it!

Issue 100 features the King of Speed, Johnny Quick!

Issue 110, the days of super-heroes selling comics seems to be over, so the funny stuff is back on the covers, but it's series humor now!

Issue 120 wraps up this By the 10's!

Next time: Our Fighting Forces!


  1. Ah Genius Jones... seams he travels around answering questions for money cause he is soo smart.. yet he wears that? that and i don't think his car is gonna pass the M.O.T.

    Of course, he become smart cause he was trapped on a desert island with over 700 books so he read them all. I don't wanna talk about what rubish is done with him and others in 'One year Later' -_- and that new design.. boy was that bad.. it doesn't even look like him.. http://tenzel.net/dcuguide/images/g/geniusjones.jpg

  2. That's one reason I don't buy the new comics any more, Manic Man!


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