Tuesday, February 03, 2009

By the 10's: Mystery in Space!

Yes, I'm still on a DC streak with By the 10's, as we look at Mystery in Space!

Issue 10 -- well, this is hardly the best of DC's sci-fi comics covers, eh?

Issue 20 - and this is more like it!

Issue 30 - When this story was reprinted in the 1970s, Eisenhower was replaced by Nixon!

Issue 40 - and doesn't that look like a familiar plot?

Issue 50 - Man, that's one incredible train... completely air-tight and everything!

Issue 60 - and it's Adam Strange, probably the best-known series ever from DC's sci-fi comics!

Issue 70 - This dust devil would return in the future, but not in Mystery in Space!

Issue 80 - If you were hoping this would be an Adam Strange-Hawkman team-up featuring the Shadow Thief, you're mistaken!

Issue 90 - One of the iconic Adam Strange covers, if you ask me!

Issue 100 - Why Adam Strange isn't on the cover is beyond me!

Issue 110 wraps up this by the 10's with Ultra, the Multi-Alien! Guess without Adam Strange, the series just couldn't continue!

Next time, another "Done in One" By the 10's, with The Metal Men!


  1. never really understood Ultra.. turned into a creature made up of four different aliens, so he had the powers of all (though how does a Bird leg mean you can fly?)

    hang on though.. which part gives him super twisting? since (as you can see) his bird leg is the right leg, he looks a little.. twisted.. but then, you could say the serpent thing is going it... but a Sea Serpent from the ground? That's a Ground Serpent eh?

  2. Manic Man - It's the Silver Age... you don't have to understand it, you just have to go with it...

  3. ^_^ Still better art then the current... is it still the Marvel age?

  4. Well, I'm pretty sure the Marvel Age only counts for Marvel Comics titles...

  5. i think it was the age because of the new style that Kirby and Lee bought in... Oh and issue 40 up there.. The look on the 'earthman's face seams to say he didn't choice to sacrifict himself.

  6. LOL at the comment about issue 40! "The Earthman volunteered for this...but we just never got around to telling him that he'd volunteered..."

    (Actually that story is one of my favorites from this series. Too bad the cover art kinda lets it down.)


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