Friday, February 13, 2009

By the 10's: Our Fighting Forces, Part 1!

Time to dip into War Comics for this By the 10's, featuring Our Fighting Forces! Not much to say by me this time, so here's the covers!

Issue 10

Issue 20 - Great painted cover, eh?

Issue 30

Issue 40

Issue 50 - I think this story was reprinted in a 1970s TPB.

Issue 60

Issue 70

Issue 80

Issue 90

Issue 100 - Captain Hunter has taken over the covers!


  1. Yes sir, Bob! When things are looking bad, nothing can win a war like a yank or two alone and against the odds!

    no offense to anyone, but if companys didn't make 100s of comics telling the little kiddys how great and fun war is maybe some major wars and lose of life might have been stopped... there again, there was wars before Comics... but then, popular culture has always had an impact on what the people believed..

  2. Manic Man, I seriously doubt that it was kids who were the biggest readers of war comics... my experience is that it was mostly adults -- especially soldiers or soldier wanna-bes...

    I also doubt that the war comics genre (which pretty much died out in the 1980s) has had that big an influence on US foreign policy -- do you really think that George W. Bush read comics as a kid (or anything else, for that matter)?

  3. yeah.. it's just my views how many 'war' toys and stuff are geared to kids.. more so in the past then today.. it did create alot of problems in the past...

  4. Manic Man, I'm just curious about what "it did create alot of problems in the past" means? What "problems"?

  5. Alot of wars, most notably WW2, Korea (though that was america sticking there nose into someone else's bussiness) & Vietnam had alot of young kids lying about there age and such like to Join the army and to fight and kill the 'evil' enemy. A number of these have said one of the reasons was not just comics but the whole thing where they were told again and again how American are the good guys that should attack any place that didn't agree with there ideas because those places wanted to attack and destory america and remove freedom from the world.

    while this probebly isn't the place for such in depth talks, there are a few case and points about the 'American view' (and sorry, I am NOT blaming the American people. It's the American Army leaders and the country leaders that start the wars and brain wash the american people). North Korea is believed to be having a nucleur program, and america is basicly telling everyone that wants one 'If you get one, you are gonna have to deal with US'.. (I think this is very bad when you look at the STATE of the American Nuclure bases around europe.. Some of them were even without permission.. and the buildings are even falling to bits!.. the officales that just checked them all are very unhappy).

    Of course, I think Adam did a nice bit about this kind of thing on his 'Comics make no sense'.. how? a comic i had heard of but never seen.. Jap-Buster Johnson who says such things like 'If there's anything i like more then shooting down Japs, it's shooting down more japs'.. the story does lack in any 'grown up' style and is just about a guy who is a racist wanting to kill as many japanese people as possible. There are better ways to end wars then fighting...

    anyway. like i said, this probebly isn't the place so.. i'll probebly shut up on the subject now ^_^


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