Thursday, February 19, 2009

By the 10's: Strange Adventures, Part 1!

And now we turn the By the 10's Spotlight on Strange Adventures, possibly DC's greatest sci-fi book (which turned to reprints in the 1970s or so)

As you can see on issue 10's cover, Strange Adventures' first cover star was Captain Comet, a mutant born 1 million years before his time!

A great Gil Kane cover for issue 20!

Issue 30 features another great cover, that would've fit well as a sci-fi movie poster if rendered as a painting!

Issue 40 gets Captain Comet on the cover again!

Issue 50 - I can't help but wonder how Kirby would've rendered this cover!

Issue 60 - Gotta love a time-travel story and cover!

Issue 70 - Looks like Dr. Benton Quest from Jonny Quest has created a cloning machine!

Issue 80's Gil Kane cover features what these days could be considered a Strange Sports Story in this age of poker tournaments on ESPN!

Issue 90 - a warning about too much television?

Issue 100, and it's about time we got a gorilla cover, eh?


  1. pointless comments time:

    Why do Freeze rays always CREATE alot of ice around the subject? why not just turn the subject into ice?

    Could the shocking secret of the Mind Monster which is a Giant Bodiless Brain be either: It is a Giant bodiless Brain, or It is really Captain Comet from the future!

    Though i think the ultimate shock would be... It's Groucho Marx!

  2. Pointless responses to your comments:

    1. Because it's not visual enough.

    2. The shocking secret of the mind monster is...'s Julie Schwartz of Earth-2!


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