Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cool Stuff: Major Matt Mason!

Always get lots of comments when I post Major Matt Mason stuff!


The Ultra-Rare Major Matt Mason Board Game!


A few pages from the Major Matt Mason catalog!


A couple of Callistos!


The way-too-tall Captain Lazer!


Very cool Talking Command Console!


This Mobile Launch Pad appears to be rather boring, doesn't it?


Satellite Launch Pak -- A clever utilization of a standard toy!

Next time: Marvel Collectibles!


  1. I was a MMM freak when I was 5-7 years old, man! Had everything except Capt. Lazer--which I tried to talk a neighbor out of, to no avail. Dang, that toy still looks pretty awesome!

  2. being English, i never got to play with these.. they don't seam to have traveled to the UK.. come to think of it, i was never an action-man guy either so i wouldn't have played with them even if i wanted ^_^ but that Moon Suit Pak? 'Adapted from U.S. Space Program.' ... boy, no wonder the Russian's beat you guys to space.

  3. Groovy Agent - Lucky You! I doubt I had more than one or two pieces, maximum, when I was a child!

    Manic Man - I guess you really had to be an American to appreciate MMM...

  4. About eleven years ago my wife and I were visiting the home of one of her co-workers with our then infant son. As usual, she spent time talking with the adults and I hung out with their kids who were more my mental age. The little girl kept bringing me her toys to play with--Barbie, Pooh, Capt. Lazer...WTF??!! Yep! No helmet or other acoutrements but somehow she had ended up with a fairly good condition 30 year old Capt. Lazer!! I offered to buy it but the mom said she loved it too much. Sigh!

  5. Holy cow, Booksteve! I seem to recall that Captain Laser got recycled for use with Mattel's Battlestar Galactica line, but it sounds like somehow that co-worker's son did indeed have an original... must've been the garage sale find of the century, or something!

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