Friday, March 06, 2009

By the 10's: Star Spangled War Stories, Part 1!

Well, I'm guessing this will be at least two parts... I'm not all that familiar with DC's war titles (to be honest, I get more of a kick out of reading Sgt. Fury, but I have read a smattering of the DC stuff, mostly the Sgt. Rock stories)... so let's see if I have any valid observations here!


Issue 10 is kind of a surprise to me, because I'd expected this title to cover-feature more modern warfare than this!


Issue 20 is more to my expectations... nice coloring work there!


Here's issue 30...not often on a DC title that the cover-featured soldier (or soldiers) know there's trouble sneaking up on 'em!


That's a pretty action-packed cover there on issue 40!


For a cover featuring a potato masher (a nickname for those kind of grenades) bouncing towards a soldier, issue 50's cover is kind of meh, isn't it?


Issue 60 features a great angle on the cover, if you ask me!


Issue 70's cover brings frogmen back on the cover spot again!


Something about issue 80's cover just doesn't quite grab me, but I can't put my finger on it...


No complaints about issue 90's cover... obviously it's The War That Time Forgot!


And we'll leave off with issue 100's cover... just because it's convenient!


  1. hang on... is it just me, or do US army guys spend alot of time fighting the likes of Devil Dinosaur?

  2. Well, yeah... that's what the whole "War That Time Forgot" series of stories was about!


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