Saturday, March 14, 2009

Children's Book Theatre: Bullwinkle Coloring Book, Part 4!

So, to recap... Bullwinkle was a famous TV singing star, until Boris and Natasha (worried that he was too popular) doped him up so he couldn't appear on TV. The Pottsylvanian villains then took his place as a dance team! Our heroes rebounded by forming an orchestra, with Mr. Peabody, Sherman, and Boris and Natasha joining them (yes, really). And now the plot gets even more confusing...


That's right, it's one of the Moonmen (Croyd or Gidney or someone else, we're not told). And apparently, Bullwinkle's piano playing is getting the Moonwomen all hot and bothered!


And what do the Moonmen do because their women are hot for Bullwinkle? Especially since the Moonwomen apparently never watched the Brady Bunch, so they won't try to invite Bullwinkle to the senior prom or fake being seriously ill so he'll visit them?


Now, one would think the Moonmen would want to get rid of Bullwinkle (or at least Scrooch him), but not these two...


Sorry about the first image there... scanner glitch! Anyway, as you can see, the TV studio doesn't have the best security, do they?


And now, Bullwinkle's been sprinkled with Moon Dust! As Emeril Lagasse would say, "Bam!" Thanks to the other Moonman, we know what it will do!

Will Bullwinkle float all the way to the moon? Will Boris and Natasha's plans suddenly start making sense? Will Mr. Peabody and Sherman make another appearance in this coloring book (well, actually, no)? Tune in next time!


  1. any one notices how this might be a colour-in book but there is very little to really colour in? shame some have been coloured in though.

  2. Well, given that this Bullwinkle coloring book came in a bunch of coloring books I got cheap, I don't mind some of it has been colored in.

    And so far as not having much to color... I recall when the Star Wars Special Edition came out, Pizza Hut was producing pizza boxes for you to color... main images on those being the Millenium Falcon, Stormtroopers, and Darth Vader -- lots to color there, eh?


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