Friday, March 13, 2009

Cool Stuff: More Spidey Stuff!

Time to look at more Spidey items!


One of these days, I've got to go through my movie viewer photo files and figure out just how many companies somehow got the license to do film loops of the 1960s Spidey cartoons!


I loved the idea of these portfolios... although they apparently didn't sell all that well, I like to think it sort of paved the way for Alex Ross! Click on the images for larger views!


I have no idea if the pouch and the decoders actually came together or not!


Some of these items I've posted before... I believe they are all Secret Wars items!


While I like the idea of a small plastic Spider-Man figure on my desk, I'm not sure that a pencil sharpener glued to his feet works as well for me...


I loved Shrinky Dinks when they were out... and wonder how the heck it is I never, ever got this set!


Spider-Socks, Spider-Socks...


So, this silly Sparkling Gun not only has nothing to do with Spidey, it also has nothing to do with the Hulk or Captain America! Guess the Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon licenses weren't doing much that year...


Spidey Sunglasses! Unbreakable lenses? Perhaps... but they don't look like they stay in the frames, do they?


Aside from the Spidey figure perched on the base of this telephone... it's not really that much of a Spider-Man telephone, is it?


I think I had one of these for a while when I was buying and selling collectible toys for a few years...


Yes, Spider-Man walkie-talkies don't really make much sense... but they do look pretty cool, don't they?


Spidey Webmaker! Remember seeing these advertised in the comics?


This wind-up walking Spider-Man is just goofy enough to be cool!


  1. Awesome series of pics today! I'm surprised at how many of these things I remember from my youth.

  2. for the Spider-man phone, it it a 'roof top' which is kinda normal background for Spider-man... it would a hell of a loot better with the roof being given a good paint job.

  3. Glad you liked 'em, Reis!

    Manic Man -- I was just trying to say that the phone/handset itself wasn't really much of a Spider-Man item.... I mean, the Spidey figure isn't even holding the handset, no webbing on it (that I can see), etc.

  4. yeah ^_^ i know, but then how far can you go before it just gets stupid?

  5. Apparently it doesn't take that far... I mean, a Spider-Man phone doesn't really conceptualize that well!


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