Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

Welcome to the Jungle!


Well, Jungle Action, anyway... here's the Gil Kane cover for issue 16!


And Pat Boyette's cover for Charlton's Jungle Jim #25!

justice league art

Here's a misfiled JLA page! I believe it's page 7 from JLA 7, by Mike Sekowsky.

justice league of america art

And page 16 from the same issue!

justice league of america art

And page 27!


Now we're back to proper alphabetizing, with this splash page from the Angel story in Ka-Zar #3, art by George Tuska! Man, normally I love Tuska's stuff, but his Angel doesn't look right to me at all!


Here's page 58 from that issue!


Larry Lieber did a great job on the cover for Kid Colt 187, don't you think?


Not sure who did the art for page 17 from Laurel and Hardy #47 here!


Next up is the splash from the Dracula story from an issue of Legion of Monsters, by Dick Giordano!


Here's page 17 from Lois Lane 102, art by Curt Swan, although the inker's really overpowered Swan's pencils!


Next we have page 1 from Magnus, Robot Fighter 28, by Manning!


And here's page 22 from Man-Thing 9, by Mike Ploog!

There'll be a few more Man-Thing pages next time around!


  1. That Laurel and Hardy looks like Dell to me... problem is, GCD say no Laurel and Hardy comic got above issue 23 or so.. and that wasn't Dell's.. Problem with GCD though, i find it's information amazinly lacking.. and no clue as to the artist..

  2. I could've also typoed on the issue number when I found that photo in the first place.

    So far as the GCD's information goes... it's only got the information that its users have been able to come up with, and the "funny" strips as a whole tend not to have too many people researching the artists and writers and so forth...


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