Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cool Stuff: Slurpee Cups!

Time for another parade of Slurpee Cup photos, first some 1973 DC Cups!

Mary Marvel!

Lois Lane - wearing her kinky boots!

The Penguin!

Saturn Girl! OK, so her outfit makes Lois' look demure...


And now, some 1975 Marvel cups!

Doc Savage, Kull and Red Sonja!

Doctor Doom, Ghost Rider and Valkyrie!

Iron Fist, Thundra, and Sub-Mariner!

Man-Thing, Night Rider and Captain America!

Mister Fantastic, Thor and Crystal!

And now, wraparound Marvel cups from 1977!

X-Men, Howard the Duck, and the Inhumans!

Conan the Barbarian!

The Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Doctor Doom!

Next time: Space: 1999 Stuff!


  1. Shazam! It's Captain Marvel, Earth's Mightiest Moral BUT when it's a Female, she is only the Worlds Mightiest Girl... when are the woman's lib gonna show up?

  2. Considering Supergirl was still considered Super*girl*, even though she was portrayed as being about five or six years older than Mary Marvel was at the time, I don't think that DC was worried about the Women's Libbers getting involved... besides, they already had Wonder Woman, y'know.

  3. yeah.. though 'future' Supergirl was Superwomen ^_^

  4. Hey I had Wildcat! And I still have no idea who he is. I'm sure I wanted Dr. Doom and all they had were crummy Wildcat and a bunch of girls.

  5. Wildcat was Ted Grant, a professional boxer who had been framed for murder and decided to use his boxing skills to fight crime under the guise of... Wildcat! He was a regular co-star in the comic book "The Brave and the Bold" with Batman, a regular member of the Justice Society of America, and showed up in the recent "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" cartoon, as well as in the "Justice League Unlimited" cartoon.

    I kind of doubt you would've been looking for Dr. Doom and having to settle for Wildcat, though, given that the Marvel series was produced the summer following the DC Slurpee cup series.

  6. I appreciate the explanation about Wildcat. I really had zero interest in DC comics when I was a kid, so please forgive my ignorance. I do remember liking his motorcycle though.

    As far as "looking for Dr. Doom" goes, I was broadly generalizing to be funny. My memories of being seven years old are only slightly more clear than my shore leave in the Coast Guard. I do remember now that I had the Red Sonya cup, so yeah, pretty disappointed I didn't have Dr. Doom, that I am certain of.

  7. Sorry about that... I've been training people at work all week, and wasn't really thinking in terms of being funny... gotten to accustomed to people being stupid just because they were being stupid!

    So that's all on me... Glad you liked the Wildcat briefing, though.

  8. I did like the info about Wildcat! I know it's dumb, but every time I look at these I remember another one I had. I also had Ghost Rider (I was happy about that) Night Rider and Man-Thing. So, overall, pretty cool. Still, I wish I had Dr. Doom.

    I think it's great you're bringing all of these memories back to me. I haven't thought about these cups in 30 years. Keep it up!

  9. That's what this blog is really all about... bringing back memories! This is probably the last Slurpee cup post you'll see here -- at least for a looooong time, until I get around to looking for better photos than what I have in my collection. Unfortunately, I never set up a "Slurpee" tag, but you should be able to find other Slurpee cup posts by clicking here or just searching for "Slurpee."

  10. I had a cousin that visited in the 70s aand for some reason he left the Kents cups here and they simply got poked away. I found them a little while ago and started checking them out on Ebay. So far Ive managed to find about a dozen.
    They are kinda cool and it must have been awesome to get them back in the day full of sweet slurpees.

  11. Good luck finding the rest of the cups, Doug! They are certifiably cool!


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