Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cool Stuff: Space 1999 Stuff!

OK, before we get into the stuff, a confession: I'm not a fan of Space: 1999 (unlike other Gerry Anderson shows). Hated it, to be honest. But I loved the designs! So, here's a little cool stuff based on cool designs from a show that I don't personally consider cool (feel free to disagree)!


My brother Jeff used to have this flashlight based on the Space: 1999 ray gun (I had the Star Trek Phaser one).

space:1999 by john byrne

Here's the cover for an issue of Charlton's Space: 1999 comic book, art by John Byrne!

And... huh... I seem to have run out of Space: 1999 stuff for this time around. I guess there'll be more the next time I get around to the S's in the Cool Stuff!


  1. Space: 1999 Ray Gun? Had it! And I totally agree, I didn't really like the show but I loved the designs. I had a ton of the toys. My favorite was the Eagle that was about three feet long. Loved it!

  2. There should be plenty more Space: 1999 stuff to come... glad you're enjoying it! I don't recall if I have the 3' long Eagle in my files, though!


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