Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Famous Monsters #147, Part 2!

Contining my look at Famous Monsters of Filmland #147, we begin with page 10!


You may recall I left off partway through an article about Hammer's best horror movie, and the author had chosen Taste the Blood of Dracula as his pick. He started spelling out the plot in the previous installment, and continues it on pages 10 and 11. Further into page 11, he goes into why... pointing out the quality of the sets and the photography!


On page 12, the author extolls the virtues of the acting of the movie... heck, that's continued through to page 13, before getting into the musical score as well as the scriptwriting itself!


On page 14, more is discussed about the plot, although some talk of the special effects is here, too. The director, Peter Sasdy, is also praised. The article ends with the disclaimer that while Taste the Blood of Dracula is a complex film, and that it takes a number of viewings to absorb it all, that you'll find it a rewarding experience!

Next time around... Star Wars!

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