Friday, March 20, 2009

Give-A-Show Fridays: Fortuna No. 239 Slides!

Something a bit different today before we get into the 1964 slides... here's a YouTube video I created of the entire Fortuna No. 239 slide set! Just compare these to what Kenner was doing in the 1960s... these are very sparse on text, and the text is set in pretty much random places... if you thought the Kenner adaptations of classics was really cut and dried, check these out! I'm especially amused at how they cut to the end without really resolving the plot's conflict first!

The Fortuna Give-A-Show knockoff was also known as Spectrum in the USA. Not quite sure how a USA seller had the non-US version. This was a cheaply made knockoff, and they seem to turn up on eBay fairly often. I probably won't be trying to get any more of these, though, as it's impossible to tell what sets are exactly the same as the one I have!


  1. erm.. for aladin, there is the same slide twice.. their stupid mistake or did you make a small mistake? ^_^

  2. I'll have to check tonight, Manic Man - probably my error.


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