Thursday, April 16, 2009

By the 10's: Blackhawk, Part 3!

And with this installment, we should wrap up Blackhawk!


As you can see, by issue 210, the standard Blackhawk uniforms were long gone!


Issue 220


Issue 230 - the most infamous Blackhawk issue of all!


Issue 240 - small wonder the series got cancelled not too long after this, eh?


Issue 250 - part of a brief revival in the 1970s.


Issue 260 - the final revival (under the original numbering) in the 1980s!


Issue 270!

Next time: Would you believe Coo Coo Comics?


  1. Yes! Issue 230.. Where to start..

    War Comics were out, and Superheroes were in, So why not turn a bunch of War heroes into Super Heroes? I can think of alot of good reasons.. but bypassing them, look at the outfits.. 'The Listener' You can tell he listens cause he has ears all over the place.. Chop-chop? well, he now wears a tux and metal gloves.. doesn't that just shout class? come along way since his early 'Bone in the hair' style huh?

    the others? How can super heroes not be great as 'The Leaper', 'M'sieu Machine' (can't you tell his french) and 'The Weapons Master'.. who seamed to get a mask not long later. Standislaus became which is problem the most 'make sense' heroe of the look as 'The Golden Centurion'.. but doesn't he remind you of a cross behind The Guardian and Iron Man?

    Though notice, Where is Lord BlackHawk himself? While no-one seamed to know if he was american or Polish, he seams to luckly miss out on getting a costume (atlest, on the covers) But they do give him the worst part of the cover.. Yep, Worst then the Costumes has to be the speach bubble.
    "Get In- With the NEW Blackhawk ERA! Dig Out New Secret Identities!"

    Yes! Secret! Only one of you guys wear a mask of any kind, and them costumes would stand out a mile but who cares? The're Secret! I guess the poses on that Cover a pretty bad too.. Half of them look like they are about to fall over.. And why is is, the guy with all the armour, is always the guy that gets the shield? Can't someone that needs it get it? Chop-Chop was the teams Cook for heavens sake, if you are gonna send your cook in, atlest give him a sheild

  2. I hope you're not expecting anyone to argue against you there, MM!

  3. I would be suprised if anyone did ^_^


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