Thursday, April 23, 2009

By the 10's: Don Winslow of the Navy!

Here's a title that started at Fawcett and then went to Charlton before changing the title! Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of issue 10's cover, so we'll have to start with issue 20!


Issue 20 - pretty nice cover!


Issue 30!


Issue 40 -- don't even ask me to explain this one, just go with it!


Issue 50 -- has this title jumped the shark already???


Issue 60!


By issue 70, the title had moved to Charlton... but it only lasted until issue 74 before Charlton renamed it... Fightin' Navy! Which is where we'll pick this up next time!


  1. intresting that last cover changes the title to "Don Winslow: Star of Television, Movies, Radio' and then that little 'Navy Ace' bit.. did the character change to be a star of TV, Movies and Radio, or did they just do a cheap TV Series, a Radio series and a movie Serial?

  2. I have no idea, MM... I'm not that familiar with Don Winslow at all.

  3. Research Done: Don Winslow of the Navy, started in 1934 and was done by Bell Syndicate. In 1937, a Radio Serial was started, and in 1942 a Film Serial. In 1943, the Character moved to Fawcett Comics (Issue one's cover features Don Winslow and Captian Marvel). That charater was created by LT Com, Frank V. Martinek USNR who had served as a WW1 Naval Intelligences officer. He did a couple of novels with the Character of Don Winslow and then tried to sell the Character to Comics. With Help, it was Sold to Bell Syndicate and was in fact approved of by the Navy, which meant the Writers had to make sure he didn't do things that went against what the Navy did.

    Basicly, he was started up as a Navy Recruitment and Propaganda tool. The Character has appears in his own Comic Strip in a newspaper, two issues of 'Four Color Comics' by Dell, Another Dell comic called 'Famous Feature Stories'. Fawcett carried the comic on until 1948, when it stopped, then brought back in 1951, then stopped and brought back again by Charlton, how only reprinted older stories, more then creating new ones.

    Howzat? I think i'll go back to reading Sugar and Spike now.. gotta that that comic ^_^ I wish they would do a completed reprint collection..

  4. Thanks for all the research, MM!


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