Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cool Stuff: Bullwinkle Stuff!

Time for more stuff featuring Moose and Squirrel!


I guess the licensing fee must've been pretty good for Ward to sign off on this concept...


It's a clock! It's a bank! Well, it's just a bank, actually, that helps you learn how to tell time, I guess...

I hope this next item doesn't blow your monitor or something...


...because it didn't seem worth it to post this photo in a smaller size!


This sign was apparently used in stores to promote the Bullwinkle lunch box!


Spelling and Counting Board... because Bullwinkle's such a great teacher.


I wonder how many different travel packs were produced with the only variation being the sticker on the front of them?


And we'll end this post with these Bullwinkle Brain Twisters!


  1. intresting that you picture two different travel kits.. The one in the package is yellow, the one open is Green, the Yellow one has atlest a different backing image to the Ball puzzle-thing (Not the round one, i can never remember there names anyway), and it looks like the gun has a yellow handle.. still, it's clearly one of this items which they can stick whatever they like on it to sell it.

  2. Yeah, you can say the same thing about most of the Bullwinkle merchandise -- none of it seems particularly Bullwinkle-like!

    Then again, I've seen the same thing for pretty much all licensed products!


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