Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!


Not too many people seem to be aware of it, but Neal Adams' Continuity Studios did some work for Charlton in the 1970s, particularly on their black-and-white magazine line, such as this page from their Six Million Dollar Man magazine!


Next up, here's page 11 from Archie's Sorcery #8, art by Grey Morrow!


Here's a model sheet that Jack Kirby prepared for Hanna-Barbera's second Space Ghost series!


Next up, page 17 from Spectacular Spider-Man #61, by Jim Mooney!


And here's page 18!


Continuing with Spider-stuff, here's page 30 from Spider-Woman 15, by Carmine Infantino!


Dave Cockrum's cover for Spider-Woman #4!


Page 16 from Spidey Super Stories #2, by Win Mortimer!


A page from the August 17, 1952 Spirit Section by Will Eisner!


Page 19 from Star Trek #4, by Gioletti!


Page 20 from Stanley and His Monster #109, by Bob Oksner (at least, the seller said it's Oksner)!


Page 3 from Stanley and His Monster #111, and that's got to be Oksner for sure!

Next time, we'll start with a few Strange Adventures pages!


  1. okay.. someone is going to have to help me with the Spider Super Stories story.. The Evil Dr Measles who works for Pop's Plump Pickles is planning to rule the world...

    Yep! I can buy that!

    He has created a million measles spots which when thrown at people, will give them the measles..

    Yep! I can buy that!

    It will mean that will have to stay in bed, in the dark where they can't read..

    Now i can't buy it! No clue why being in bed means it has to be in the dark but how come he can rule the world if people can't read..

  2. Well, of course it doesn't make sense for you... you aren't exactly in the target demographic for Spidey Super Stories, are you?

    Now, I'd bet if I read that story to my 4-year-old son, he'd have no trouble buying into it.


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